Buy-out Agreements, Non-compete Agreements, and Employee Handbooks

  • Employers – draft and prepare contracts that will protect your interests and business.
  • Employees – review and clearly explain the implications of what you could sign and whether it should be signed.

Independent Contractors

  • Contractor – review, explain, and recommend legal changes to contract presented by company.
  • Company – draft agreements to bind contractor to obligations to company.


  • Prepare and file documents to open your business with the State of Michigan
  • Draft contracts between your company and clients, ensuring that your interests are protected and customers are satisfied.
  • Carefully review all terms and conditions of a franchise agreement, and advise regarding impact of agreement and whether agreement should be signed.

Website contracts and disclaimers

  • Protect your company and assets with a contract between you and your clients.
  • Providing a disclaimer protects your company by ensuring that you limit your liability.

Promissory Notes

  • Drafted to acknowledge between yourself and another that they owe you money.

Demand Letters

  • Businesses and Individuals – affordable letters drafted and sent to debtors
  • Condo Associations – sent when a co-owner does not comply with association rules or does not pay association dues or fees.

Condominium Law

  • Property Management Company – prompt representation acting as a general counsel or for more specific issues
  • Condominium Associations – prompt representation in dealing with by-laws, co-owners, renters and contractors; amending Bylaws; presenting at annual meetings and more
  • Individuals – whether renter or co-owner, prompt representation when dealing with condo boards and management companies